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4 Body Language Habits You Should Drop Right Now

Whether you’re aware of it or not, body language plays a large role in your life. Your gestures, facial expressions, and posture all say a lot about you. Body language is the “unspoken element of communication that we use to reveal our true feelings and emotions”.

Psychological studies tell us that 93% of all daily communication is nonverbal.

Use this knowledge to your advantage by being more aware of how you come across to others. By making a few small changes, you can immediately begin to appear more engaging and approachable to those around you, improving your overall communication.

Take note of these four habits that you’ll be thankful you quit.

1. Crossing your arms

Crossing your arms can make you seem uncomfortable and disapproving. Keep your hands in view, with palms open. You’ll feel less tense, and your open position will convey the idea that you aren’t hiding anything.

2. Forgetting to smile

When you forget to smile, you may appear stressed, angry, and unapproachable, even when you aren’t feeling that way. You become much more intimidating. When you smile, you demonstrate confidence in yourself and create a warmer and more welcoming energy around you. Know that you’ll be sure to receive some smiles in return.

3. Slouching

Slouching is a common problem that effects both your confidence and health. When someone is slouching, they appear apathetic and unmotivated. Remind yourself to sit up and stand up straight – it will make an immediate difference in how you feel.

4. Forgetting to make eye contact

Avoiding eye contact is rude and distracting. Engaging in eye contact shows that you are acknowledging the other – they can see that you are attentive and listening. Ideally, hold a series of long glances.

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