When CEO and Founder Elle Kaplan was in college, her father suddenly fell into a coma. Elle witnessed her mother’s struggle to manage her family’s investments on her own.

Elle moved to NYC with $200, no job, and a mission to reimagine Wall Street with a firm that operated at a fiduciary level. A decade later, after working at Wall Street’s premier firms, her desire to revolutionize finance led to the creation of LexION Capital, one of the only women-owned and women-run wealth management firms in the nation. She is now also the Chief Investment Officer of LexION Alpha.


LexION Capital is a fiduciary firm that manages money for individuals, families and institutions. We provide bespoke investment advice portfolios tailored to your unique investing needs and goals.

LexION Alpha is a quantitative hedge fund with human overlay. We take long positions in equities that are expected to appreciate and short positions in ones that are expected to decline to attempt to capture alpha.

The smartest woman we know, self-made financial whiz Elle Kaplan


Kaplan is so passionate about women and finance that she’s already talking to the next generation about it

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Kaplan is a pioneer

Return on Performance


Elle’s work has granted her the privilege of keynote speaking all over the US. The biggest honor of her career is the ability to speak before women she admires most, including senior female military leaders at The Pentagon.

As a keynote speaker, Elle thrives on inspiring audiences of thousands to approach money and career with a fresh perspective. Her humor, signature sass, and honest advice have earned her the nickname “The Wonder Woman of Wall Street.”

Giving back

Elle uses her work to help real women: through her charity, mentorship, and entrepreneurial efforts. Whether it’s an institution seeking an investment solution, or a middle-school student needing advice, Elle is proud to help the people she admires with their career and finances.

Today Elle’s vision extends even further through Love the Hustle – a space teaching everyone how to earn, do and be more.

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