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The Book

Based on Elle Kaplan’s real life experiences, Love the Hustle: 10 Steps to Earn, Do and Be More is an actionable guide on how to turn your financial and career dreams into realities.

Elle Kaplan


After graduating from college, Founder Elle Kaplan moved to NYC with $200 and no job. Elle quickly climbed the ladder on Wall Street, and a decade later, became the CEO and Founder of the LexION Capital and then the Chief Investment Officer of Elle Capital. Now, through Love the Hustle, Elle is sharing the lessons, tips, and advice that helped her along the path to success.

Inspired by her mother’s experience, Kaplan caters to female clients in life transitions.

CNN Money

[Lexion Capital’s] rapid growth attests to it’s success in delivering a unique value to clients: independent, fiduciary asset management

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