Within a decade, Elle Kaplan has gone from $200 in savings to becoming the CEO and Founder of LexION Capital and the LexION Alpha Fund. Elle previously spent a decade at Wall Street’s premier firms, and she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Chemistry from the University of Michigan and an Executive MBA in finance from Columbia University.


LexION Capital

Honest. Inclusive. Woman-owned. LexION Capital is a fiduciary firm that manages money for individuals, families and institutions.

LexION Alpha

LexION Alpha is an data-driven hedge fund with human overlay. We take long positions in equities that are expected to appreciate and short positions in ones that are expected to decline to attempt to capture alpha.

The smartest woman we know, self-made financial whiz Elle Kaplan


Kaplan is so passionate about women and finance that she’s already talking to the next generation about it

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Kaplan is a pioneer

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