Pushing Yourself by Accepting Change

May 24, 2018 | BDE, Uncategorized

“Revolutions happen in evolutionary ways.” – Steve Case, Co-Founder of America Online

For most of us, accepting change is a concept that we fear or reject. We can’t blame anyone because the mere idea of bringing yourself into an entirely different perspective results to overthinking until it inflicts discomfort. Despite the unwanted distress change may cause into your life, you cannot discount the fact that it is also a source of growth, fulfillment, and new opportunities. Hence, no matter how much you try to resist it, accepting change will always come knocking at your door.

The question is – will you let it in?

 Conquer your fear of change and muster the strength to cope with your challenges with three simple steps.

  1. Thinking long-term
  2. Changing your perspective
  3. Focusing on productivity instead of your anxiety.

Your temporary discomfort and inconvenience overshadows the lasting and powerful differences you want to achieve. View your challenges as a gift because it may open up great opportunities for you to improve. Fixate your mind by focusing on what you can do to maximize your performance at work, rather than on overthinking your destructive ideas.

Learn to use your brain to your advantage by looking forward to the long-term benefits of accepting change. It will never be easy but once you have experienced stepping out of your comfort zone, on to greater heights, you will thank your ‘past self’ for making that life-changing decision.

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