Why We Do What We Do – Excellence at Every Step of the Experience

Aug 18, 2015 | BDE, Entrepreneurship

In the mid-1980’s two siblings emigrated from France to open Le Bernardin; a restaurant in New York City that grew to define excellence in dining. Today, Le Bernardin is one of only seven New York City restaurants to have obtained 3 Michelin stars, and is regarded as one of the best restaurants in the world.  So what makes Le Bernardin so special?

Founding partner and former head chef of Le Bernardin, Gilbert Le Coze aspired to excellence in everything: from his trips to the Fulton street fish market to hand-pick ingredients for that evening’s main courses, to the staff he employed at his establishment. The Le Coze siblings set the bar and set it high, but aspiring to excellence in all areas did not come so easy at first.

Prior to opening their doors to the public, the Le Coze’s hesitated when they realized it would be impossible to deliver the same, high level of service to each client they received. The solution: wait and prepare.

The story of Le Bernardin is one that truly resonated with me. Prior to opening my firm, LexION Capital, to the public we suffered something called a “reverse curse” – we simply had too many clients at the beginning. I realized early on that it would be impossible to deliver the same level of excellent service to every client, so I waited 6 months until I felt my firm was really ready before launching.

Today, LexION Capital – a private fiduciary wealth management firm – has grown and we aspire to deliver the absolute best level of service to each and every one of our clients; every step of the way. From signing new clients on, to developing a personalized portfolio with asset allocation based on the needs and goals of clients:  LexION delivers nothing but the very best in wealth management at every point of the experience.

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