Why It Pays To Stay Optimistic When Investing

Aug 31, 2015 | BDE, Investing

Being in finance for over a decade I’ve sometimes witnessed the reactionary behavior of some investors the moment that the markets experience fluctuation or volatility. Adopting a pessimistic outlook may lead you to panic, whether it is in your daily life, or in your investment decisions.

Planning for the unexpected can help you stay optimistic

When you join as a new client, LexION Capital prepares a section in your Investment Policy Statement that evaluates losses in the event of market volatility. Before we prepare a client’s asset allocation, we evaluate that client’s risk threshold to determine how much risk he or she is comfortable with when investing.  Our clients can remain optimistic in their personalized investment strategy because potential losses have been taken into account.

We’ve prepared clients for the unexpected, so they don’t have to stress and wonder “How much can I lose?”

When it comes to market volatility, we expect and plan for it. Remaining optimistic becomes easy when you remember that historically, if you stay true to your initial goals, the markets will generally deliver a strong return on investment. LexION clients know that if they remain optimistic and stick through the wave of volatility, in 10 years they are more likely to come out wealthier in the end.

So remain optimistic. At LexION Capital we are helping you build a better, brighter future.

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