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Setting and Achieving Healthy Goals

We live in an era in which minimalism is all the rage in popular philosophy, fashion, lifestyle, and more, but you should draw the line when it comes to healthy goal setting and personal achievement. Are you holding yourself back out of modesty and humility, or are you afraid to put in the work needed?

Healthy attachments reflect good mental health. As a child, you develop many such attachments, whether to family and friends or to internal values. Healthy patterns of attachment indicate an ability or capacity to fulfill your own needs, full of joy and a sense of ownership, proud and grateful.

By setting that goal, you are become a happier, more satisfied version of yourself, simply because you are working towards something. When you are unable to set goals, it indicates a lack of confidence in yourself; it often becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

How do I set goals properly?

A goal, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is simply “the end toward which effort is directed”. If you value what you are working towards, you’ll be interested and invested in putting in the work to make it happen. Goals are born as abstract concepts. Create your action plan and focus on breaking it down into manageable steps to make your goals a reality.

Create a checklist and cross off your progress as you go. When you find yourself spending too much time daydreaming about the completed outcome, it may indicate that you have not made a thorough enough plan. Stick with your plan to achieve your goals.

It’s simple, but harder than it sounds. Know that the reward is waiting for you. The gratification that comes with setting and achieving your goals will also prime you for greater successes down the road.

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