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4 Fun and Productive Ways to Spend Your Free Time

Have you ever wondered how to have fun and still find productive ways to spend your free time?


Your free time is precious, especially when you’re trying to accomplish everything and anything. So there are probably better ways to spend it (while still having fun, of course!) than being a couch potato or staring mindlessly at a TV.

You can take a note from some of the uber-successful, who have found some amazing ways to take enjoyable breaks while still maintaining the G.S.D. (get stuff done) attitude we all love. They’ve found a way to have fun and boost their success – and you can too. Read on to find out some fun and productive ways to spend your free time from some of  the most successful.

(Gasp) actually take it

Yes, burnout is a real thing. And believe it or not, every success story from Bill Gates to Oprah doesn’t involve an entrepreneurial robot constantly working 24/7.

In fact, Forbes has found that stress and burnout has cause over $100 billion (yes, with a “b”) in damages just this year alone.

Take a note from Arianna Huffington, who did a “life audit” to remove the less important work so she’d actually have a semblance of free time. Many of the greatest leave a good part of their weekends free, and at the very least schedule some “me” time every workday. The first step to productive ways to spend your free time is to actually take some much needed time off.

Pick up a book

Maybe your mom was right when she said TV and cartoons were rotting your brain.

Thomas Corley studied TV use in Rich Habits, the Daily Success Secrets of Entrepreneurs and found that around 70% of wealthy people only used TV for less than an hour a day.

Instead, you should use that time to read. Numerous scientific studies have found that reading fires up new brain synapses and boosts your creativity. It might even be the key to millions too – Corley found that 86% of the wealthy love to read everyday.

Get some sweat going

The last thing you might want to do is exercise after a long day, but it’s (literally) the best thing for you – both mentally and physically. Some people actually enjoy exercise –and you probably will too. It’s been found that after about 2 weeks or so, exercise stops being and chore and starts being something you enjoy!

Do some good

Oprah said it best: “helping others is the way we help ourselves”.

Getting involved with your community in a positive way is an excellent investment in yourself and others.

It will make you feel good and blow off some much needed stress, and more importantly, will help others who really need it.

There are millions of ways to volunteer, and if you can think of a cause you want to help there’s probably an organization to join that’s already doing it.

We want to hear from you! Do you have any tips on productive ways to spend your free time? Let us know! Get involved with helping others here, and join together to help out others as well!

    • Rehab Medical
      Posted at 22:55h, 24 March Reply

      Nice sharing LTH Team. I spend some free time to call friends and family. Tell them you’re thinking about them. Text a friend to ask her about her day. Call, if you think the person might be available. It’s a bit much to help cheer up their day. 🙂

      • LTH Team
        Posted at 20:19h, 31 March Reply

        Thanks, glad you enjoyed the article! That sounds like a great way to spend some of your free time!

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