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Love the Hustle, Not the Destination

We’re here to give you the push to stay motivated and keep the finish line in site.

You don’t run a marathon by thinking “only 46,111 footsteps to go!” after the starting gun goes off.

Reaching your awesome goals will happen, and we want to be with you for every single footstep. But sorry, it’s not going to happen overnight. You’ll get there quickly, but you need some push need to stay motivated and keep the finish line in site.

Here are some ways to Love the Hustle, not the destination:

Look in the mirror (sometimes)!

Dwelling on the past is no way to get ahead, and thinking back to high school is not going to drive you towards entrepreneurial success.

But you need some motivation to reach your ultimate goals, and seeing your awesome accomplishments is a great way to do it.

You can draw the line between getting upset over old photos and having the blinders on by doing a two-step evaluation process (no, it’s not a dance move). Every month, without fail, you should sit down and take a look at how far you’ve come! You don’t notice it day-to-day, but give yourself a pat on the back and look at what you’ve accomplished so far.

Remember in grade school when your parents would post your report-card on the fridge after you aced your classes? Believe it or not, you should do something similar today. Buy yourself a sticky note and write your accomplishments on it, then paste it on the bathroom mirror. It’s a great way to remind yourself first thing in the morning about what you’re doing right, and a great way to start your day off on the right foot.

Rather than dwelling on our accomplishments, the second step is to use them to push forward. After giving yourself a round of applause, think about how you can push these goals even further, and how you can use them for the big-picture.

“Failing” is okay

Speaking of marathons – a lot of people don’t cross the finish line. Does that mean they’re a complete and utter failure, and should give up any form of running?


It means they ran 20 miles. Good for them! Remember, the best runners didn’t start off as the next Usain Bolt.

The same might apply to your race in life. Sure, you might have some slip-ups, but it doesn’t mean you throw in the towel.

When you’re on your success journey, there might be some mistakes, but the key to success is to dust yourself off and keep trying. If you didn’t reach every single goal, it’s okay- as long you as keep the hustle going.

In school we have someone to hold our hand and walk us through the syllabus, but in life things are actually a lot different. Life teaches us through failures – we just have to be open to the lessons. If we don’t fail sometimes, how can we learn to do better?

Nothing is set in stone

We have a G.S.D. (get stuff done) attitude and follow every goal through to the end. But it doesn’t mean we have to keep driving on a flat. It’s ok to change your direction sometimes (we won’t judge!).

Just take a look at the Post-It Note. 3M originally set off to make the world’s strongest glue, but it ended up being a complete and utter “failure” by their standards. Rather than slamming their heads down and sobbing, they turned it into one of 3M’s most successful products to date.

Most entrepreneurs loving the hustle don’t follow their first business plan to a T. They adapt, change, and keep moving on towards success. You can do the same –even for your career.

Share your journey!

At LTH, we’re a community of like-minded thinkers and doers who are just as passionate as you about sharing ideas and helping each other reach higher.

So we want to hear your journey! Share your accomplishments and read other’s to get inspired, or get some great advice on how to keep running towards the finish line.

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