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How to Increase Your Productivity and Get More Done


When we get overwhelmed, it’s easy to feel stuck. So how do you increase your productivity so you can actually get more done?


Do you ever look at your to-do-list and think Mount Everest would be a walk in the park? Well, f you’ve ever wanted to increase your productivity, you’re in luck.
Although we want to take on absolutely everything and anything (and we will eventually), sometimes stuff can get a little overwhelming. But there is a solution – and though we won’t do the work for you, we’ve gathered some tips to take on anything and help you to increase your productivity and get more done, right now:

Start with something simple

Tina Fey once said “you can’t be the kid standing at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it. You just have to go down the chute.”

Part of the problem with taking on the world is not knowing where to start. The backpedaling and indecision is real when you have 10,000,000 + things to do.

So just start with something simple.

Lick a stamp, type the date onto the top of your report, whatever… even if a two-year old can do it, just get up and get started if it’s forward progress.

And once you’ve dove in, you’ll be in the zone and find that it’s easier to just keep going than to stop.

Give me a break

Our beloved TED talks average out at 25 minutes. That’s not done for commercial breaks – like everything else on the talks, it’s a really clever approach to a problem we all face. In this instance, it’s our attention spans.

Science has proven our attention spans max out at around 25 minutes. We’re going to work longer than that, but it’s definitely worth considering this while you’re in hustle mode.

If you’re taking on something complex (which you probably are), switch it up after a while. It doesn’t have to be at the 24:59 mark, but use this knowledge to take on different parts of the project after a while.

And if you have to do the same thing for a while (sorry!) it’s okay to take a little break before your brain turns into applesauce. Every half hour or so, take a few minutes to recharge your brain – do something you love so you can get inspired! Sometimes clearing your mind and stepping away (albeit temporarily) is the perfect way to increase your productivity.

2 Minutes 

David Allen’s famous “2 Minute Rule” really brings a new meaning to getting more done, now. His idea is that anything that can be done in about 120 seconds should be done pronto.

This rule blew up in popularity because it stops little tasks in their tracks before they become a gigantic issue.

Something like putting a stamp on an envelope doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? Well, wait until you have to send out 100 letters to clients and the Post Office is closing in an hour, and you’ll see where David Allen’s thinking is ingenious.

So if there’s something small you see need to get done, don’t overthink it or put it on the backburner. Do it that second – without thinking – and you’ll be amazed at how much gets done. That’s because when you’re feeling stuck, all you really need to do in order to increase your productivity is to do something.

Get and give more tips

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