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Drop These 4 Phrases and Become Super Successful

How can you become super successful? Drop these all-too-common phrases like a bad habit and see your success elevate.

You’ve probably adopted some phrases and mantras that have boosted your success to the next level (if you haven’t, you should start here!).

Unfortunately, the opposite also holds true – there are some words and mindsets that can drag down your success like a lead anchor. So why use them?

Drop these all-too-common phrases like a bad habit and see yourself become super successful:


“Everybody said no.”

If you’re facing rejection, it’s easy to look at all the “no’s” and say “no” to your own success. But, you need to always remember that “no” is just someone’s opinion.

Look no further than Steve Jobs, who encountered a really, really, really big “no” when he got fired from Apple (his own company!) when he was 30. Rather than throw in the towel, he went on to found Next, which was acquired by Apple, and then he climbed back on top.

Instead of listening to the “no’s” –even the tiny ones – you can do the same, by continuing your journey towards success.


“I’m not good enough.”

This phrase is so common and destructive that it’s become a legitimate medical syndrome. Impostor Syndrome is categorized by “a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist even in face of information that indicates that the opposite is true.”

Sound familiar? Even if all the signs point to victory, doubt can impose a self-inflicted prison on success. So don’t let Impostor Syndrome creep up – pay attention to your accomplishments, and let any feelings of inadequacy fall to the wayside.


 “I’ve done enough.”

What if Michael Phelps said this when he learned to swim in the shallow end? What if Oprah uttered this phrase when she got her first media gig at AM Chicago?

The most successful people always push past boundaries and seek new horizons. You can start small -these goals don’t have to be lofty. Once a day, you could think about one small improvement you’ll make tomorrow, and after seeing it realized, let it evolve from there.



The New York Times famously predicted that no matter what, no matter how far technology reached and no matter what the aerospace industry came up with, the human race would never, ever reach the moon.

What if people had listened?

The greatest success stories are those in which the impossible was accomplished, where that which was thought of as “never” achievable was achieved. The best and greatest have employed the opposite mindset, asking themselves “what if everything is possible?”

You can do the same – never say “never”, because it’s the biggest limitation in life.


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