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How to Create a Brand New Chapter in Your Life–Starting Today

When you fall into the same routine, creating sweeping, gargantuan change in your life seems like a pipe dream.

The good news, however, is that instead of sticking to the same old habits; you can create a brand new chapter in your life, starting today. There are proven techniques to supercharge your path to success, and plenty of entrepreneurs and successful people have done it before.

Here are a few ways to push the “reset” button and create that life you wanted.

Start using these habits and you’ll see that anything really is possible:

Practice being your future self

According to Peter Bregman, CEO and leadership expert, in Harvard Business Review, “You need to spend time on the future even when there are more important things to do in the present and even when there is no immediate apparent return to your efforts.”

Quite simply, if you want to become an ideal version of yourself, you need to practice being it. Think of your life in terms of playing the piano; you don’t wake up one day playing in Carnegie Hall–you get there with consistent practice. Despite all the responsibilities and daily details, you need to make this a non-negotiable habit.

Spend just a few hours a week practicing your future life, and you’ll be amazed at how quick it becomes a reality.

Destroy your comfort zone

Your comfort zone has the word “comfort” in it for a reason—we’re naturally hardwired to avoid danger and discomfort in our lives. However, even leaving the couch has some inherent danger to it. As CEO of IBM Ginny Rommety once said, “growth and comfort do not coexist.”

Whether it’s trying a new exotic dish, taking on a new project at work, or just saying “hi” to someone new, take baby-steps out of your comfort zone today. Do this daily, and see your growth amplify while your comfort zone becomes a thing of the past.

Design your life around happiness

Happiness seems like such an abstract concept. After all, quotes on happiness don’t exactly have a concrete game plan for creating a happier, brand new chapter in your life.

But what if you honed in on what made you tick daily, instead of just vaguely chasing a happy life? Look no further than Stanford’s famous “Design Your Life” class—where students note specifically what made them happy during the day, and then find actionable ways to mold their day around that positivity.

Start doing the same thing—jot down your happiness sources daily, and start gradually shifting your life towards them. Before you know it, your life will be engineered towards smiling.

You’re only as good as the people around you

Your parents might have told you not to hang out with the wrong crowd in high school, and although you probably rolled your eyes, I’m sorry to tell you they were right. A Harvard study done by Dr. Nicholas Christakis found that those who surrounded themselves with happy, successful individuals saw a boost in their own life, while those who had a grumpy or lazy circle saw the exact opposite.

It might not seem like a big deal, but start avoiding negative friends or colleagues whenever possible. If you can’t avoid this, now’s the time to start looking for a new job or social circle. The results will amaze you.

The bottom line:

It’s never too late (or too early) to create a brand new chapter in your life. Only you can be the catalyst for massive change in your life, and it all starts with taking some baby-steps today.

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