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Who Inspires You to Take Your Business One Step Further?

YEC entrepreneurs weigh in on the people who inspire them.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but it often comes from other people. Several YEC entrepreneurs weigh in on the people who have inspired them the most. Who inspires you?

Tiger Prop

My Stepfather

“He was an eccentric genius who had some peculiar habits, including getting the morning paper naked on a busy street. Not many Oncologists chain smoked while driving a Ford Focus or attended Harvard University and Johns Hopkins. Beyond the eccentricities was the most giving man I have ever met. He was truly happy as he helped others. He always told me to die broke and have as much fun as humanly possible.” 

My Wife and Family

“While I’m the only entrepreneur in my family, it’s still very exciting for me to always keep my wife and family in the loop on whatever I’m currently working on. It’s also great to have a solid family presence built around me to not only bounce new ideas off of (from a non-business perspective), but also for support when things aren’t going as great as planned.” 

Walt Disney

“I’m a big Disney fan so I have to say Walt Disney. He was a man with a huge imagination and recognized the need to be carefree, have fun and embrace our inner-child. As an event producer, I am responsible for creating unforgettable experiences for attendees. Walt did this with theme parks. Everything has intention and purpose, creating a magical experience.” 


“My work takes me all over, and it’s too easy to cocoon in front of my laptop and avoid eye contact with every passerby. I’ve found, however, that talking to people from different walks (be in generational, industrial or cultural) is valuable both personally and professionally. Maybe it’s advice, a question to contemplate or a joke to tell your board, but talking to strangers yields benefits!” 


“Having a conversation with a child about a topic is much different than a conversation with an adult. While adults give depth and strategy, children offer simplicity and a fresh look at things. So when I think I’m overthinking something, I like to pose the question to a bright-eyed child. Responses are always delightful. Sometimes they are quite helpful, and other times, just plain funny.” 


“This may sound strange, but I admire ascetic monks. The level of discipline it takes for them to simply remove themselves from worldly affairs is incredibly admirable. I do my best to emulate that discipline and apply it to my practice each and every day.” 

First Dynamic

Jerry Seinfeld

“In my mind, Seinfeld is an entrepreneur who defines hustle. After creating, writing and starring in a top television show for nine years, he started a hugely successful Internet series. He consistently succeeds by believing in himself and outworking his competition. He approaches everything as a student, always learning.” 

Taxi Drivers

“I love chatting with taxi/Uber/Lyft drivers. I’ve found that in describing my business to them, I’ve come up with a lot of new great ways to frame what I do in a way that people outside of my industry quickly and easily get it.” 


Is there someone that inspires you in your life and your goal? We want to know!


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