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5 Remarkably Simple Ways to Boost Your Motivation at Work

Sometimes, if you’ve been at your job or position for a while – or are just plain overworked – your inspiration and motivation at work can start running on empty.

However, even if you want a new job (or better yet, plan to start a business), it doesn’t mean you have to dislike your current one.

Although we’re huge fans of setting new career and business goals, we’re also proponents of having a positive outlook in the present. In order to reach for new heights, you can’t let your present situation drag you down.

Thankfully, with some shifts in perspective and tweaks to your routine, you can squeeze some meaning out of your current workday.

Try one or two of these tips on for starters, and see how they can help you find motivation at work:

Think like a child

We’re certainly not advocating for temper tantrums at work; we’re referring to the wide-eyed, fresh perspective that children have.

Children are endlessly fascinated, and they bring questioning and curiosity into every situation. If you think back to it, you probably weren’t so different during your first few weeks in the office – everything was new, and you looked at every process with fresh eyes.

You can bring back that refreshing outlook today by looking for improvements everywhere at your job. For instance, if there’s a blogging system your team has been using for years, perhaps there’s now a better mousetrap you can utilize. Science says this perspective brings about increased creativity and innovation, and it might be just the kick-start you need to find inspiration and motivation at work.

Bring about new opportunities

You can’t rely on your boss or manager to bring a new opportunity or increased responsibility to your table. They have their own things to worry about, and likely aren’t extremely concerned about your motivation at work if you’ve been there for years.

You shouldn’t hold your breath and wait for opportunity to come knocking – your bosses will appreciate the initiative (and results) if you bring new ideas up. Combined with the step above, you should start looking for new opportunities at work. Even better, look for ones that are in your Genius Zone so you can work on something passionate while delivering your very best.

Give it a break

Vacation isn’t just escapism; there are numerous studies showing that it actually increases overall productivity and output for anyone in the workplace. I can attest to the fact that although it might feel “lazy” to go on a break (especially if you’re running a business like me), it is necessary and vital for your productivity.

You don’t have to (and I recommend you shouldn’t) bust your whole vacation on an exotic trip – even if you’re low on money or don’t have a lot of time off, a small break can work wonders.

Find a mentor

Don’t discount the immense value and inspiration a mentor can provide for you. As someone who’s walked in your shoes (and succeeded), they can not only give you tips about your current job; they’ll also provide real-life career advice on how to get to the next step you want to go to.

If you think finding a mentor is tough, or that you’ll be a bother, think again. According to Development Dimensions International, “It isn’t because they aren’t willing to mentor; it’s that they are not being asked.” In fact, they found that a majority of people had only been asked once or twice, and one-fifth of leaders had never been asked.

You shouldn’t wait for a mentor to fall into your lap – you should start looking for one today. If there’s no one suitable in your workplace, there’s no need to fret. There are plenty of other places to meet one and find motivation at work, like networking events.

Negativity is like a cold

The emotions of others are contagious and they can affect your own mood, according to numerous scientific studies.

In your workplace or business, this might be the culprit if you’re feeling a little unmotivated. While you can’t exactly change who you work with, you should take steps to protect your positivity.

Although it might feel good to listen to others complain and vent, you don’t want to wallow in a pity party. Consider changing or ignoring the conversation if you hear others surrounding themselves in negativity. Remember, a positive attitude can work wonders on your overall success and well-being.

Do you have any more tips on finding motivation at work? Reach out the Love The Hustle Tribe and share your thoughts!

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