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5 Toxic Thoughts You Should Drop to Boost Your Success

Your own thoughts are a powerful tool. Everything from your confidence to your happiness all depend on your mindset and thinking.

So even when you’re working at full steam, and crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s, toxic thoughts can insidiously drag you down.

That might sound a little negative, but the good news is that you’re completely in control of your thinking. You can change you success for the better without even lifting a finger (and how awesome is that?).

Here are some toxic thoughts that you might encounter; start shifting these today and see how far they take you:

Comparing yourself to others

None other than Theodore Roosevelt said “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Getting inspiration from others is one thing, but comparison becomes a problem when you start asking “why aren’t I that successful?”

If these toxic thoughts start creeping up, realize that your journey isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. It just plain doesn’t make sense to compare your unique success blueprint to someone else’s.

Comparison is also the thief of your wealth. When you start keeping up with the Jones’s, you start spending money on frivolous purchases instead of building financial success. When you realize that true financial luxury means freedom (not credit card debt from a designer handbag), you’ll be happier and wealthier because of it.

Needing to always be right

Nobody’s perfect. Take it from Barbara Corcoran, the Shark Tank mogul and founder of Corcoran Realty, who said “my best successes came on the heels of failures.”

Of course, you should always aim for your best and final work. But if you expect to be perfect all the time, you’ll be in for a rough ride. We’re often our toughest critic, and it leads to lowered confidence and self-doubt. Even worse, it leads to a fear of failure, and a reluctance to try new things and stretch our wings.

Instead of thinking you need to be perfect, realize that failure is part of the success equation.

Wanting to be comfortable

Thinking about a comfier bed is fine, but when your thinking prevents you from leaving your comfort zone, it gets dangerous.

After all, our comfort zone has the word “comfort” in it for a reason – it can be downright terrifying to leave it. But if you’re staying in this zone, you’re not improving, you’re not growing, and you’re simply not succeeding.

Instead of facing sheer terror, change your thinking through baby steps. The New York Times suggests finding your “Goldilocks Zone” – where you’re not too scared, but you’re a little uncomfortable. Remember, you’re replacing toxic thoughts with new skills and opportunities by being a slightly uncomfortable.

Thinking you’ll do it tomorrow

“Tomorrow syndrome” creeps up on even the most hardworking individuals. We only have so many hours in a day and so much willpower, so thoughts of procrastination will always rear their ugly head.

Research even shows that our brains are hardwired to focus on short-term pleasures (ie Game of Thrones) versus long-term results (like learning a new language).  To replace that toxic short-term thinking, start focusing on the long-term results by setting specific goals. A study from Harvard showed that people who have goals are ten times as successful as those without goals, and those who write them down are three times as likely to reach them as those who don’t.

Doubting Yourself

We’re often brighter and more talented than we give ourselves credit for. In fact, this self-doubt has even snowballed into a fully-recognized condition known as Impostor Syndrome.

When your self-doubt sets in, recognize it for what it is: unfounded self-doubt.

Plain and simple — you didn’t get where you are by sheer luck or sudden overnight success. So it’s time to start recognizing your fantastic self.

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