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5 Surefire Ways to Boost Momentum During the Workday

While coffee may be everyone’s saving grace at four p.m. on a workday, sometimes it just doesn’t do the trick. You may feel physically more awake, however your mindset isn’t where it should be. Sometimes a shift in mentality toward the positive, or a moment away from that desk is all you need to find new momentum during a tiring afternoon, week, or even month. Here are five ways to boost momentum at work.

Have a personal interaction

London School of Economics Professor Nattavudh Powdthavee finds that a meaningful, personal interaction with another individual has as much impact on happiness as gaining an extra $142,000 per year. This is pretty incredible. Start making time throughout the workday for small interactions, whether they are over coffee in the morning, or at lunch later in the day. Even the smallest exchange can become one of the biggest ways to boost momentum during the day.

Start small

When you’re faced with a big project that seems daunting and time-consuming, try beginning with the first small step toward progress that you can think of. Make it productive, instead of answering all of those “pressing” emails and pushing away the important work, try focusing specifically on one thing at a time that you can finish. Instead of thinking of the project as a whole, think in terms of completing each separate task and doing them well. This way you won’t feel overwhelmed, and therefore more inclined to procrastinate.

Think about three things you’re grateful for

Research done at the University of Pennsylvania led by Martin E.P. Seligman found that taking a moment every day to think about three things that you’re grateful for had a significant impact on a test subject’s happiness level over the course of six months. Taking any small amount of time to practice this exercise over the course of a crazy workweek may seem unfathomable to the entrepreneur, but it will leave a positive impression on your overall mindset over time. This change toward habitual optimistic thinking will quickly translate to those around you.

Make it a game

When an excruciatingly long meeting rolls around, or you’re faced with busy work that doesn’t seem at all productive, find something amusing in even the most mundane task. We’re not saying to not pay close attention to your work, and we’re certainly not advocating for making every task a joke, but a little bit of fun every once in a while is one of the best ways to boost momentum, and it can make those boring tasks or meetings a little more enjoyable. You’ll be more inclined to participate when you’re not thinking about what to make for dinner, or last night’s episode of Scandal.

Find some meaning

There are days that just drag, and even weeks or months that can feel unbearable. I’m talking New York City in February folks. When you feel dejected and let down by your work, try giving yourself a moment to think about your personal purpose. Why do you work as hard as you do? What is the main force that compels you every morning to get up and push yourself? By finding your purpose in the day to day, you’ll find that those darker moments seem less oppressive, and your motivation will grow.

Share your tips and tricks

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