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5 Attitudes That Will Make you Incredibly Successful

You could be a finance wiz. You could have that genius idea that makes Einstein turn green with envy.

Even so, without the right attitude, you’ll get nowhere.

Granted, you probably aren’t a stubborn curmudgeon telling children to get off your lawn. But everyone can benefit from a fresh attitude, one that really drives them forward.

So whether your entrepreneurial journey is winding up, cruising right along, or at a dead standstill, take inspiration from these attitudes, and see where they will take you this year. You’ll be amazed at the results.

“It’s not too late”

Think you need to be young, rich, or on a path of victory to start a successful business? Think again.

Look no further than Ray Crock, who at the ripe age of 52, was selling paper cups and milkshake mixers for a living – that is until he went on to found McDonald’s.

Lest you think this is just an outlier, take a look at studies by The Kauffman Foundation, which found that most entrepreneurs are 40 years of age on average, and more than 60 percent of them are married and have a child.

Realize that no matter what the circumstances are; your age, the amount of money you have, or even if you’re just getting started, there will always be an excuse, but it’s never too late (or to early) to make a positive change.

 “I’ll try again”

Part of being successful in business is knowing your burn rate and when to say “when”. But an even bigger part is realizing that failure is an often big part of the success equation.

Look no further than entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, who started over 500 companies (many of which didn’t succeed) to keep the Virgin empire thriving. And Colonel Sanders (yes, he’s a real person – we were surprised too) had to pitch his chicken recipe to 1,009 different chicken shops before they bought into it.

You need to realize that one (or a thousand) failure(s) is never the end; it’s often just the beginning.

“I’ll Embrace the unknown”

“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.” – Sara Blakely, Spanx Founder

Sara Blakely experienced a lot of failure on her way to the top. She had to get a job as Goofy at Disney World, and failed. She tried to go to law school, and failed the LSATs. Since she wasn’t a quitter, she took the LSATs again, and failed. Again. She eventually realized that she needed to change course and do something–anything – besides stay on the path she was on.

Blakely knew next to nothing about the fashion industry, but when she took a pair of leggings and cut off the toe end so that her feet would look better in an open shoe, she knew she was onto something and didn’t let her inexperience in the business stop her. She just kept going like a runaway freight train. Today, she’s the world’s youngest female billionaire.

The best, most revolutionary ideas usually come with a lot of excitement. What they don’t usually come with is an instruction manual. But powerful entrepreneurs don’t let that scare them. They embrace the uneasiness of the unknown.

Of course, you’re going to need a business plan and solid financial sense, or all you’ll have is an idea, a lot of bluster, and not much else. But never let discomfort be the thing that stops you.

“I can do it”

This one might seem simple and cliché, but it’s still true. Your own thinking is often the biggest limit to your success.

Mary Kay Ash, the billionaire beauty entrepreneur, said it best, “Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.”

Sure, there will always be setbacks and limitations. But there will be one roadblock you can always get rid of: yourself. Instead of looking at what’s holding you back, think “what if everything is possible?” and realize just how amazing you can truly be.

“I’ll get help from others”

Peter Sheahan, a world-renowned thought leader on behavioral change, said:

“This notion that the leader needs to be ‘in charge’ and to ‘know all the answers’ is both dated and destructive. Its impact on others is the sense that they know less, and that they are less than … Shame becomes fear. Fear leads to risk aversion. Risk aversion kills innovation.”

And we’re very inclined to agree. You’ll find huge success by sourcing your ideas from anyone and everyone, and this won’t happen if you pretended to know everything, or tried to fill some misconception of being a stoic, fearless leader.  Adopt this attitude of learning from everyone and anyone, and you’ll see your success skyrocket.

What attitudes have helped you succeed in business? Share your tips with The Tribe!

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    Posted at 12:21h, 25 July

    This is the best article yet. Love getting this as they inspire especially starting off a Monday morning. Keep ’em up!!