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How to Start Looking Forward to Monday in 3 Easy Steps

Here are some ways to avoid the dreaded Sunday blues and start looking forward to Monday morning.

Let’s admit it – we’ve all had a case of the Mondays. And no matter how much we love our job, and how much we’re Loving the Hustle, Sunday sometimes feels like anything but a Fun-day.

Not to fear, there are some ways to avoid the dreaded Sunday blues and start looking forward to Monday!


Eat a frog

Don’t Google “nearby French Restaurants” just yet.

We’re referring to people who don’t like frogs, specifically productivity guru Brian Tracy’s famous book Eat That Frog!

It’s based off Mark Twain’s idea that if you eat a frog in the morning, it will be the easiest thing you do all day.

Twain is right (well, he has the right idea) – you can do this by leaving the headache inducing tasks, or anything you’re not as pumped about, for the times where you’re at your peak.

Read that as not 9 a.m. on a Monday.

When you know you might be under more stress, or a little overwhelmed, you can make it easier by penciling in the easier stuff for that time.

So, consider “eating the frog” on Fridays or Thursdays.

Rather than loading Monday up with meetings, you can take on meetings earlier, and instead schedule Monday in with only your most passionate plans. Pretty soon you won’t just be ready to tackle your work week, but you’ll start looking forward to Monday morning.

Pay it forward

As Obama said “if you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”

The president is backed by science – where multiple studies prove that paying it forward not only makes others feel better, but creates long-lasting feelings of joy within yourself as well as a positive effect throughout your network.

It’s not only a good life practice, but can also provide that much needed mood-boost to tackle your day. This is especially useful on Monday morning, where most people look and feel like Oscar the Grouch – and are tackling 1,000 things at once at the same time.

Bring some donuts into work, offer people coffee, offer to help with a project – anything to get the whole team beaming. Plus, they’ll definitely do the same for you.


Get some fun going

The majority of us look forward to our jobs, but often write off Sunday and Monday for anything fun outside of work. If you’re doing this, you’re doing it wrong.

Proclaimed weekend expert, Laura Vanderkam, author of What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend says that’s the wrong idea, and we agree.

To eliminate any Sunday blues, fill them up with your passions. You’re much more likely to look forward to Monday morning if your mind is focused on something you’re excited about. And for Monday itself, schedule something in earlier that week. You’ll have something extra to motivate you throughout the day and tackle anything and everything.

Don’t have any plans? That’s ok – we’re here for you. Check in with us and the rest of the LTH Tribe, or check out our other features on our homepage. Get some valuable insight on tackling any day of the week, and pay it forward by helping others with your great tips.