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5 Things Successful People Do Every Single Day

Everybody wants to be successful – however, not many actually make it a reality.

The difference between ultra-successful people and the rest of the pack is that they don’t leave their achievements up to chance. Instead of waiting for victory to fall in their lap, they take actionable steps every single day to inch closer to the finish line.

You can start adopting their efforts today to get on the same path. Here are the proven things successful people do every day:

They don’t chase materialism

If you take a look at the truly successful, you’ll notice they aren’t constantly pursuing fancy handbags or shiny sports cars. Take Mark Zuckerberg, for instance, who has billions and drives a Volkswagen Getta.

Really successful individuals know that true luxury is being able to pursue their dreams, instead of being shackled to their spending. So they make a daily effort to grow their wealth and use it on future endeavors, instead of blowing it on the latest “must have” purchase. (Check out some of our money tips if you want to get started).

They don’t compare themselves to others

The late great Theodore Roosevelt once said “Comparison is the thief of joy.” He was right on the money – successful people keep their eyes on the prize instead of their surrounding cubicles.

Whether you are feeling bad because you think your peers are doing better than you, or you are building yourself up based on their failures, both are unproductive and have the potential to be self-destructive. If you feel good about something you’ve done, enjoy it — you don’t need the recognition from others to affirm your accomplishments.

They take care of themselves above everything else

As tempting as it might be, you can’t be at peak performance when you’re sleep and rest depraved. Instead of resembling extras on The Walking Dead, one of the things successful people do every day is prioritize rest and relaxation.

While you should absolutely work hard daily, studies show that giving yourself time to rejuvenate regularly is even more important. So get your 8 hours or so of sleep, and make your relaxation 100 percent non-negotiable. Consider even penciling down time in your calendar if you’re having trouble.

They focus on the big picture

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe” – Oprah Winfrey

Highly successful individuals don’t get so lost in the trees that they lose sight of the forest. That is, they don’t forget the big picture, and they stay motivated through their long-term ambitions and passions.

So when you’re stuck doing the same thing at work and feel your motivation faltering, remember what brought you there in the first place. Is there a big goal on the horizon, like getting a promotion or starting a business?

If you don’t have a big-picture goal to aim for, remember, it’s never too late (or early) to start a brand new chapter in your life. People who are going to make it big have exceptional goals in their head, and you should too.

They wake up early

While those who wish for success are still fumbling around for a coffee filter, the people who actually achieve it are already up and getting things done.

Don’t just take our word for it: Laura Vanderkam, a time-management expert and the author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, extensively studied how successful people spend their mornings – and found that they all get up at the crack of dawn.

Time’s a precious commodity – so instead of hitting the snooze button, people spend peak productivity hours getting preparing and tackling the workday.

Are there any things successful people do that you’ve started using? The LTH Tribe wants to hear from you