How to Boost Your Confidence In 3 Easy Steps

Feeling down? Check out our 3 easy steps to help boost your confidence


Every recipe for success is a little different. But achieving your goals, dreams, and future always requires that one special ingredient in the mix– confidence. After all, how can you expect others to believe in your achievements if you don’t believe in them yourself?

Don’t fret (well, you won’t be doing that after reading this article) because there are some easy ways to boost your confidence 110%.

(Literally) stand up for yourself

Oprah doesn’t start her namesake TV show hunched over in the corner – she stands tall and gets the crowd amped up by walking around with swag and self-assurance. The audience wouldn’t be cheering otherwise, and without confidence they won’t do the same for you.

We admit, standing loud and proud might sound a little intimidating. But science has proven that everything from improving your posture to doing “power poses” will result in a surge of confidence boosting chemicals in your body.

And it’s a cycle of awesomeness – once you start walking around like you own the building people will treat you like you do – further boosting your confidence.

The next big question will be “what came first, the confident LTH Gal or her self-assured strut?”

“3 by 5” 

Sorry, but nobody will take the time to shower your with praise – that’s why you have to do it yourself. The cold hard truth is that most people in business will only set aside their precious minutes if they see you doing something wrong.

You’re doing some great things, so take the time to recognize it. By 5 everyday, you need to write down 3 things you accomplished (they don’t have to be life-changing either).

Re-read yesterday’s entry each morning. If you’re feeling low on confidence you can read through a couple weeks of your many successes to gain some confidence and perspective.

Psychologists call this journaling, and it’s a proven way to boost your self-image that you can start using today.

Link up

Mentorship is one of the best ways to not feel alone at the party. A solid group of people going through the same thing can help pull you up and become a wonderful support group.

In fact, it’s actually one of the best ways for women to boost their confidence in entrepreneurship and business according to multiple studies.

Heather Payne founded Ladies Learning Code, and she relies heavily on mentoring to inspire women to join the male-dominated field of coding. She said “There’s something about seeing someone like you do it. Whether that’s development, entrepreneurship, angel investing or something else, a mentor who has been there can show you it’s possible.”

We’re here too

Don’t have a mentor? We encourage you to reach out to the LTH community and speak with the Tribe – here’s how to start.

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