How to Shift Your Thinking Towards Success

How to Shift Your Thinking Towards Success

3 Ways to Shift Your Thinking Towards Success

More than anything, your thinking plays a huge part in your achievements. For instance, if Sara Blakely thought rejection was the end of the road, she would have never became the world’s youngest female billionaire.

Granted, we know you’re not a Debby Downer or Negative Nancy, but who wouldn’t want to think like a champion?

With some small tweaks in your mentality, you can see some massive changes in your life. Here are some common mentalities that are probably holding you back, and how you can shift your thinking towards success instead:

Turn defensiveness into curiosity

Who here just loves getting feedback and critique?

No one?

Alright, we’ll admit that getting feedback can be tough to stomach and pretty unpleasant. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but a gigantic way to shift your thinking towards success is to make feedback your best friend.

Don’t believe us? A Forbes study found that leaders who asked for the least feedback were only ranked as 17% effective by their peers and employees. On the other hand, leaders who asked for the most feedback received an average effectiveness rating of 83%.

So start shifting your thinking by being curious about your performance. Ask a friend for tips, reach out to The Tribe, jump at opportunities to receive an employee review; the opportunities are endless.

Turn talent into habits

Plenty of studies say that an abundance mindset brings along a lot of positive changes, while a fixed mindset brings along the exact opposite.

This plays out in big ways with your career – a person with a fixed mindset will believe talent and skills are limited, while someone with a growth mindset will think that new expertise can easily be developed.

Having a fixed mindset will convince you that you can’t succeed before you even try, while implementing a growth mindset will encourage you to put in the time and effort to succeed. So start shifting your thinking towards growth today.

Turn gut reactions into level-headed thinking

A mindset trap that’s easy to fall into is following your emotions. If you’re a robot, you don’t have this problem, but for any regular person, emotions play a huge part in our lives.

We’re not asking you to become completely emotionless (nor should you), but before you do something in your career (or investing), bear in mind the phrase “Don’t make a permanent decision from your temporary emotion.”

When successful people (like you) find themselves in situations where they’re extremely angry, sad, or frustrated, they let themselves ride out those emotions without acting on them. The simple act of waiting to make a decision until you’ve returned to a levelheaded state can play a huge role in the success you achieve. So before you make a rash decision, step outside, grab a latte, whatever it takes for you to look at the long-term first.

Share your shifts

Do you have any shifts in your thinking that have resulted in success? No matter how small or big, the LTH Tribe wants to hear them! Don’t forget to pick up some more tips while you’re there too!

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