11 Powerful Ways to Define Your Personal Brand This Year

Take notes from these successful entrepreneurs who share powerful tips to help you define your brand.


If you have ever wanted to create your own personal brand, but you did not quite know how to go about it, you’re in luck. Some personal brand experts weigh in on the some powerful ways to define your personal brand this year.

Question: What is the most powerful action I can take to define my personal CEO brand in 2016?



Tell Your Story

“Come to grips with your story and topics, then tell it via social media. If you have a successful company, you should hire people to help you with the things you cannot find time for. Social media is increasingly pay to play, and you should not be afraid of paying to amplify your great content.”

Pay Attention

“An important and sometimes overlooked part of the CEO position is listening to your team and really caring about what you’re hearing. Make yourself available and open, and do your best to respond proactively to what your team tells you.”

Launch Your Best-Selling Book

“As the CEO, you’re the face of your company. Who’s the CEO of AT&T? You probably don’t know. CEO of T-Mobile? You’ve probably seen John what’s-his-name in interviews and on social media. One big thing you can do to get more attention for yourself and your company is to get your book published. Then hire a quality company to build your audience platform and promote your book to bestseller.” 

Be Transparent and Open With the Media

“The most powerful action I can take will be to remain open to sharing my great updates and insights with the media. In 2016, I plan to continue talking with the press about what we’re doing at Fitmark, as well as continue being transparent about how I view business, sales, marketing and operations. It feels like I’m giving back and helping fellow entrepreneurs when I can share success stories and ideas.” 

Stop Worrying About Your Personal Brand

“The best customers will care about your company, not your personal brand. Spend your time focused on growing your company and making decisions that help your product or service be the best it can be. Then, your personal brand will naturally develop as “The CEO of that awesome company that does a kick-ass job at XYZ.”” 

Stay Unique

“I spend countless hours watching and learning from various entrepreneurs about how they approach their personal brands. While I draw inspiration from all of them, I always have to remind myself that my brand and my leadership style is (and should be) unique because my background and experiences are unique. I have to stay true to myself as an individual to build a truly unique personal brand.” 

Remind Yourself of Personal Values

“Your values reveal themselves in how you lead your team. For me, it is important that I stay true to my beliefs first, before I can influence and empower colleagues, partners and customers. If I forget who I am, everyone else can sense that. Being transparent about the things that matter to me, personally and professionally, will help others form strong, positive opinions about me and my company.” 

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

“The best thing you can do as a CEO is take action, but it all starts with properly communicating this with your team. It’s your job to share the vision with them and get others on board, but don’t be afraid to involve them and their ideas in that vision. Once this vision is made concrete, you must take action upon it because actions speak louder than words for a reason.” 

Write a Book or Start a Blog

“As CEO, I must define which topic or keyword defines me. I have to be capable of explaining my point of view regarding said topic and I must have a clear definition of what makes me unique in that particular area. The best way to foster my brand would be through a book, as I’d have the time to talk in detail about all of my ideas and concepts.” 

Share Your Ideas

“A lot of people already have a professional headshot or a website, or have won awards. Those are good starting points. In 2016 or 2056, what will not go out of style is smart people thinking about things and sharing their opinions. If you’re not taking the time to share what you’re thinking through writing or video, now is the time.” 

Actively Communicate

“Media interviews, speaking engagements, writing and employee communications are the keys to creating a presence and an identity among your target audiences and employees. A CEO who actively communicates is a powerful force for thought leadership, brand awareness and individually for his or her company.” 

Do you have any tips to help your fellow entrepreneurs define their personal brand? Be sure to let us know and start a conversation!
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