4 Success Secrets of Female Leaders

4 Success Secrets of Female Leaders

What are the success secrets of female leaders? Get advice from women who have made it to the top


There are women who have made it to the top by utilizing some great success secrets. While you’re aiming for the top too, you can use their nuggets of wisdom to drive you to new heights.

Joanna Coles – Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan

I never do any work on a Sunday, unless there’s a crisis. Saturday and Sunday are my days for restocking my brain, and I find if I don’t do that and I work Saturday and Sunday, I get tired. “

Like many other successful female leaders, Coles realized that one of the biggest keys to success in the office was outside the office. There’s no doubt that Cole has a busy schedule and a lot on her plate. But she’s able to tackle it by (gasp) actually relaxing on the weekend.

We’d argue that it’s more than just “getting tired” – studies have shown that burnout leads to some serious health problems, too. So take that much-needed me time, it’s worth it. And remember, if Coles can find time off, so can you!

Arianna Huffington – CEO and Founder of The Huffington Post

My mother used to call failure a stepping-stone to success, as opposed to the opposite of success.

Huffington and other women didn’t wake up one day as the cream of the crop. Rather, they realized the counterintuitive secret: that failure is often a stepping stone to success.

And success is more than brushing the dirt off your shoulders – Huffington said “A key component of whatever successes I’ve had has been what I’ve learned from my failures.”

So if you encounter a roadblock or disappointment, don’t dwell on the past. Realize that it’s not the end, and it’s probably something you can learn from to reach even higher.

Angie Hicks – Founder, Angie’s List

“I’m going to be the one to make the donuts. I don’t consider myself a big risk-taker. I was presented an opportunity by someone I had a lot of respect for, and I took it.”

The Lock Ness Monster of entrepreneurial success is that the best are constantly taking huge risks and gambles.

The truth is that the best business owners didn’t just take a spin on the roulette wheel. And even if you do happen to stumble upon a winning lottery ticket, you’re twice as likely to go bankrupt.

We want you to become bold and daring female leaders, but you should realize that victory in business involves calculated risks, not all out jeopardies.

Donna Frosco – President of the New York State Women’s Bar Association

“… surround yourself with good people. Cultivate relationships with people you respect and admire by finding a commonality—a support network is also key to success.”

The law field is notorious for being male-dominated, especially towards the top. But Frosco and other success stories realized they didn’t have to go at it alone – they found mentors to help them through their journey.

Reach out to networking groups, and talk to the Tribe too. We’re here to provide a support network as we all reach towards the stars.

If you stick with us and engage in our community of movers and shakers, you may just find that you start thinking (and acting) like so many other successful female leaders yourself.

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