About Elle

Who is Elle Kaplan?


The story began years ago in Elle’s Midwest hometown. After a family tragedy, Elle witnessed her mother’s struggle to suddenly manage the family’s finances on her own. She moved to New York City fresh out of college, with a dream to make honest and transparent financial advice an accessible realty for all.

When she arrived in New York, she had a degree in English and Chemistry, just $200 in her pocket, and no job. With resourcefulness and unwavering determination, Elle transformed these beginnings into a successful career on Wall Street.

She soon realized the “establishment” of Wall Street was not a place to spread her vision. To make women financially empowered, she had to make change from the outside. By embracing the idea “be the change you want to see in the world,” Elle created LexION Capital – a new kind of finance firm: one that would put clients first. She built LexION from the ground up with the mantra “would this financial advice be good enough for my mom?”

Today, LexION Capital is a premiere wealth management firm located in New York City and one of the only woman owned, woman run investment firms in the country.


Love the Hustle: The Beginning


The inspiration for Love the Hustle began when Elle was spending her evening calling prospective clients from her apartment. She was speaking to one who asked “how do you do it?” and she remarked “well, I guess I love the hustle”.

Elle realized that many women share the same drive – the entrepreneurial spirit and passion to tackle anything and work hard to create the life they deserve. She wanted to make a space where women could encourage each other to achieve their goals and improve their lives– a community where entrepreneurship, motivation, and inspiration would converge.

At LTH you will be inspired and empowered to earn more, do more, and be more.


Love the Hustle is more than a brand –it’s a lifestyle.


A Love the Hustle Gal is easily identifiable as a champion; someone successful who strives for greatness. The Love the Hustle Tribe is motivated by greater good and is an inspiration to others.

Elle’s goal for Love the Hustle is to help women and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and create the change they want to see through daily advice, tools and inspiration.


Want to learn more about investing and Elle’s firm? Visit www.lexioncapital.com